Boudoir - FAQ

Interested in a boudoir session? We’ve compiled answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions!

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How much does a Boudoir session cost?

Our boudoir services start at $300 for a 2-hour session. This includes my hourly rate and my assistant’s hourly rate along with lighting and equipment, and a secure private gallery. Additional options and services can be added à la carte to customize your experience.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Due to the nature of boudoir photography, all clients must be over 18 years of age. A valid photo ID is required before we can work with any boudoir client.

I’m not a model and have never done this before. Is that a problem?

I have worked with men and women of all ages and body shapes - cliche as it may sound, we are all beautiful in our own way. We have experience in how to pose, light, and photograph people in order to make their assets shine. My team and I strive to highlight your best attributes; to capture the side of you that you see on your best days. Believe it or not, less than 25% of the images in my portfolio feature professional models!

Will my photos be on the internet?

No, not without your permission.

Any boudoir images showcased on my website, Instagram, or Facebook have been published with express permission from the individuals in those images.

Where is your studio?

For most photography sessions, I work out of my home studio near Alewife or on-location. However, for boudoir sessions, my team and I will work with you in advance to select a location. We have scouted a number of hotels and photo studios in the Boston area which provide the best look for boudoir photographs. We will either arrange for one of these spaces, or we can do the session at your home.

You mentioned a team?

For boudoir sessions, I work with an assistant as well as with a hair and makeup artist (as requested). This is done to provide my clients with the best and most comfortable experience possible.

A male boudoir photographer? …

Comfort is a major consideration for boudoir photoshoots, and it’s completely understandable that some women may be wary of a male photographer in this setting. While some are wary of a male boudoir photographer, others prefer it.

Regardless of gender, photographers focus on the same things.  We are artists who look at a scene and shape it to create the most pleasing image. Both male and female photographers will look through the camera and see the same things; we will see light, shadow, angles, posing, motion, and emotion.  My team and I promise to do my best to capture images that both you and your partner will treasure. I will work with you from beginning to end to make sure your boudoir experience is comfortable, fun, and empowering. Your boudoir experience is exactly that; an experience.  You should leave your session feeling comfortable, beautiful, powerful, and sexy AF.

Is boudoir only for women?

No way! The desire to commemorate a time in our lives when we’re feeling particularly desirable is not confined by gender. There is very little difference between a “dudeoir” session and a typical boudoir session aside from wardrobe (sometimes) and posing. As ever, we will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your “dudeoir” session is comfortable, fun, and empowering (and that you leave with a few stunning photos).

Can I bring a friend for support?

YES! I encourage all my clients to bring a friend for support and comfort during their session. I also offer discounted rates if you and a friend choose to both book sessions for the same day.

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

We do! If you choose to add hair and makeup service to your session, we will arrange for one of our partner hair and makeup artists to be on-site for you in advance of your session. This is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and also to sit back and chat with us so we can get a better sense of your personality and what you are hoping to get from your session.

Would I have to do topless / nude shots?

Of course not! This is a common misconception when it comes to boudoir photography. While many boudoir images do feature risqué poses, there is no reason you must conform to this. Boudoir is all about finding your sexy, whatever that may mean. Many boudoir images are partly if not mostly clothed. A worn out tank top, tight T-shirt, or oversized sweater can be every bit as sexy as lingerie. Often times the sexiest moments have nothing to do with exposure, but rather with capturing small, intimate moments.

If you do want a more bold look, but aren’t comfortable with topless / nude shots, there are a great many ways we can imply the same without ever showing it in photos. A bra strap falling off the shoulder with a seductive look into the camera can place the idea in the viewer’s mind without ever showing anything. Likewise, a T-shirt stretched downward to cover a pair of exercise shorts can create an image that implies nudity without ever needing to remove clothing.

I have “problem areas”, do you retouch your images?

Absolutely. Following your session, you will have the ability to choose your 25 favorite images (with the option to add more à la carte) for professional retouching. My retouching is meant make you look your best without altering you or making you look like a plastic doll. The following items are standard for all of my retouched images:

  • Blemish removal

  • Skin Smoothing

  • Clothing Smoothing

  • Tag / Label removal

  • Color Correction / Color Grading

  • Highlight and Shadow adjustment

In addition, the following services are not done by default, but can be applied to any of your images on-demand for no extra charge:

  • Figure adjustment

  • Scar removal

  • Cellulite removal

  • Stretch mark removal

  • Tooth Whitening

  • Hair volumizing

  • Contouring

The following services can also be requested on any of your images for an additional fee:

  • Stubble removal

  • Hair removal

I don’t know what to do in photos. Can you help with ideas?

We can! Whether you are looking for advice on hair, makeup, wardrobe, details, or posing, my team and I are here to help. We can recommend styles, poses, photo concepts, or even inspirational boards on Pinterest, Instagram, and other boudoir studios around the country.

I don’t know if I want to order prints. Can I decide after my session?

You can. I will never rush you to place your order. Following your session, you will retain access to your secure, private gallery for 2-months and Brent Mills Photo and Video will retain a copies of your images for 2-years (barring any physical disasters outside of our control such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).  You can order prints at any point in this period. Our print packages include high gloss aluminum prints, high gloss fine-art prints presented in velvet-bound wooden boxes, and high gloss metallic panoramic albums with gilded pages, velvet covers, and velvet-bound presentation boxes. Our aluminum fine-art prints are an artistic expression like none other while our photo boxes and albums allow for a more private viewing of your images in luxurious style. For those wishing to present boudoir photos as a gift, the physical act of unwrapping one of our luxuriously finished photo boxes together with your partner can be an intimate shared experience.